The Alanea Chronicles A Monthly newsletter giving readers updates on where Alanea is with her writing. Readers get updates on all current series and a peek at her ongoing To Do List. Each edition will also have an Inspirational Picture of the month and a quick explanation why it is relevant. This newsletter will also encompass nearly every important link to stay up to date with Alanea. It includes all of her social media links, website information, direct link to her podcast Alanea After Dark and to her Works in Progress page.

Friends From Afar– This is Alanea’s special International newsletter. This newsletter was created so that all of Alanea’s International Peepers could receive the same content as their U.S. counterparts receiving Alanea’s text message alerts.

The Arkadian Gazette– A Monthly newsletter that gives readers an insight to life in Arkadia. Designed to be the town’s newsletter, readers get to read Arkadia’s Classifieds, Diner News, the increasingly popular Dear Rian column and Upcoming Events in town. For those readers who like to know the who and the why behind the stories, there are also columns for Upcoming Releases, the Character Insider and the Arkadian Factoid. This newsletter helps make the stretches between books bearable.