My Savior


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Amelia has dreamt of her mate since she was a little girl. All her life visions of a golden prince have warmed her heart and promised a fairy-tale future. She longs for the day when they will finally be together.

When the fateful day arrives and she meets Darian for the first time, she is nearly destroyed by his unequivocal rejection. His continued denial of their destined relationship has her doubting her own self worth and the visions she has had all her life.

Darian is teetering on the edge. He refuses to acknowledge Amelia as his mate and shadows continue to spread across his heart. He has grown used to the emptiness in his soul and almost fears the barrage of emotions she elicits. When an unexpected tragedy sends Darian spiraling into a hopeless abyss, will Amelia have the strength to pull him out, or will she succumb to her own darkness?


Teaser 1: (unedited)

“Meryn! How many times do I have to tell you no sex talk at the table!” Aiden exclaimed.
Meryn’s face became a mask of innocence. “I didn’t say anything about sex, you did.”
Colton choked on his water and Rheia beat him on the back.
Aiden growled at his friend. “Shut up mutt.”
“Too bad Jaxon and Noah ate earlier I’m sure those youngsters would appreciate the pointers.” Gavriel commented.
Aiden shot him a dirty look. “Et, tu?”
“Aiden they know we have sex, I didn’t get this way by immaculate conception.” Meryn pointed down to her rounded belly.
“No, you got that way on your hands and knees if I remember correctly.” Aiden commented smugly reaching for his water.
“Aiden!” Meryn screeched turning bright red.
This time it was Colton who lightly pounded Rheia on the back as she tried to laugh and swallow her roll at the same time.
“Touché.” Gavriel raised his wine glass to the commander who winked at the vampire.
“I can’t believe you said that!” Meryn said her eyes wide. She stared for a second and then began to giggle. “That was awesome.” She held up a fist to her mate.
Aiden’s huge fist dwarfed Meryn’s little one but he tapped her knuckles gently before leaning in to kiss her nose.
“There is something to be said for doggy style if you know what I mean.” Colton wagged his eyebrows looking self-satisfied until Rheia cuffed him upside the head.
“You mean puppy style?” She asked.
Colton’s mouth dropped open. Next to her Keelan had fallen over to his right and lay across the seat of the chair next to him under the table laughing so hard he wasn’t making any sounds. Darian had his hand covering his mouth but Amelia was willing to bet he was hiding a smile. Everyone at the table was having a hard time breathing for the laughter.
“Puppy? Puppy! I’ll show you puppy later.” Colton murmured under his breath.
Rheia leaned in close to him. “Challenge accepted.”
Colton growled and tore a roll in half with his teeth.

Teaser 2: (unedited)

Amelia looked at the women. “Be right back.” She turned around, paid for her order and returned to their table with her own ice cream. Without asking, she pulled up a chair and sat down with them. She picked up the spoon and took her first bite.


“Why is she sitting with us?” The petite woman asked with a scowl.

The dark haired woman in scrubs laughed. “Meryn, that’s rude. She’s just being friendly.” She turned to Amelia. “My name is Rheia Bradley, this is Elizabeth Monroe and the anti-social one is Meryn McKenzie.”

Amelia nodded. “Pleased to meet you. Do you all live here in Madison?”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, we live… a little bit outside the city.”

Amelia stopped digging through her bowl for the bubble gum flavored ice cream and took in her words. “You wouldn’t be from Lycaonia would you?” she asked going out on a limb. She had read the map, there wasn’t anything for two hundred miles in any direction from Madison.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. “Actually yes, is that where you’re heading?”

Amelia nodded. “I need to call a Rene Évreux to arrange for an escort into the city.”

Meryn growled and stabbed at her ice cream. “Don’t call him, he’s a total douchebag. You can follow us. We’re going to the Alpha estate, one of the guys can show you how to get to the city.”

“That’d be great! Without having to wait for an escort I’ll definitely get some shopping in tonight. Whoo hoo!” She waved her spoon around.

Meryn watched her with a guarded expression. “You’re too happy.”

Amelia nodded. “So I’ve been told. It’s just my nature.”

“Are you on drugs?” Meryn asked bluntly.

“Meryn!” Elizabeth swatted at her arm.

Amelia laughed. “No, but I’ve been asked that too.” She turned to Elizabeth. “She said that you are going to the Alpha estate, do you have business there? Did you need a place to stay? I have a room at the Rise and Shine bed and breakfast in the city if you need a place to crash,” she offered.

“No, we live there.” Meryn frowned at her. “Seriously? You would ask complete strangers to share a room with you? What if you woke up in the bath tub with missing kidneys?”

Amelia grinned. “Wouldn’t be the first time,” she joked.

Meryn and Elizabeth stared as Rheia began choking on her ice cream.

“Seriously?” Meryn whispered, her eyes wide.

“No, but I had you for a second didn’t I?”



Teaser 3: (unedited)

“Did you change your mind about claiming me?” She asked in a joking manner indicating to his attire and the wine.

He shook his head. “I stopped fighting. The idea of seeing you like this, this intimacy, I couldn’t stay away. Like a moth to a flame, except I want to be burned. If these are to be my final days, I want your touch to act as a brand that will set me on fire. I don’t mind bathing myself in your blazing light knowing that my cremation will set you free.”