Arkadia Updates

All Arkadia Books are on hold for the time being

Hey my Peeps!

I would love to continue the Arkadian series, however, the amount of time and money I would have to invest in making the books up to my standard, would far exceed what I would make back on them, in many cases I may actually lose money in putting them out.

Right now Siren has control of the series which means their editing and book covers, and as things stand, I’m not satisfied with the level of quality with either. I will be concentrating on the Bewitched and Bewildered series and future series until I can get the Arkadia books back, so that when released, they are up to the standards that readers now expect from my books.

While I am waiting to get the books back from Siren, I will continue to write the series, so that when it’s time I can release them quickly. There are at least another 12 Arkadian books yet to come 🙂

I also plan on posting free short stories on my website so that y’all know what’s happening while we wait.
Many Thanks for your understanding and patience!

For an updated explanation please watch my Arkadia Update video below.





TBD 5%
Book 9 in the Kindred of Arkadia Series- Fated Retribution- The story of Peyton and Baptista
Siren Publishing

TBD 1%
Book 1 in the Neighbors of Arkadia Series- The story of Cecelia and Wren
Siren Publishing