Hey My Peepers!

I have assembled some of my most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have a question that doesn’t appear below feel free to email me via my Contact Form.

Hope this helps!

  1. Hi! I would like to be added to your newsletter/be contacted about releases.
    • Thanks for your interest! You can sign up for my newsletters here. They are usually sent out once a month and do include new release information.
  2. Hey Alanea, when will you be putting out the next Arkadia book?
    • As soon as Siren releases them from the contract. Sometime in 2019.
  3. Are your books available on Nook from Canada?
    • At this time Nook only sells to the UK and the US.
  4. I noticed in the past you sold your books on aRE and Smashwords, but they are no longer there. Will they be available there in the future?
    • Unfortunately no, there weren’t enough sales there to keep them as a distributor.
  5. I noticed that sometimes your books are available for Pre-order on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes but not through Nook, is this something you will be offering the future? Also I have noticed that your Nook releases are usually a couple days behind Amazon, why?
    • Great question! Unfortunately Nook does not offer the Pre-Order feature at this time, they said they are looking into adding this in the future. Also, because there is no option to set up a Pre-Order where I know the book will release at midnight, I have to upload and make it live, this means it will be uploaded no earlier than Release day. Sometimes Nook is quick to process, sometimes they aren’t, I have no control over that, they advise it can take between 24-72 hours.
  6. How many books will there be in the Bewitched and Bewildered series?
    • I don’t have a set number at the present moment. I will try to write as many as the over ARC will allow without watering down the plot line. Tentatively speaking I am estimating a 20 book series.
  7. Where can I find more information about your upcoming books?
    • All upcoming series information can be found here.
    • All information about Works in Progress can be found here.
  8. When will the next book come out?
    • Keep an eye on my Facebook Author page or my website for an
  9. When will the audiobooks be coming out for the *insert series* series?
    • I am working with the narrator to get all the books out on
      audio, however, I do not have a schedule for their release.
      Again I will announce any releases on my Facebook Author page and on my website.
  10. Can you tell us something about things happening in the series?
    • If it is clarification of something that has already happened
      and it does not affect the future timeline I am happy to help
      out. If it is something that give away a plot point I will not
      answer the question 🙂 It is best to message the Facebook author page or contact
      me via my website.
  11. When will the book be available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble?
    • Nook does not allow pre-orders so the book will be available as close
      to release day as possible. Once I upload it to them it is up to Barnes &
      Noble to ensure that it goes live in a timely manner.
  12. When will the book be available in print?
    • I work hard to have the books available in print very soon after the
      release date. However, if I decide to go through an additional round of
      edits before sending it to the formatters it can take longer. I will always
      announce the availability on my Facebook author page. Each book seller
      should show a print option if it can be ordered in print.
  13. Will you be writing a book about **insert character name here**?
    • I hope I will be able to get around to all the secondary characters, but there’s no guarantee that I will include the one you are hoping for. I will write the characters as they come to me.
  14. Will you write a story about **insert story idea here**?
    • If the story line I am writing happens to encompass a specific idea I will write it. Writing something in, just to have it there, isn’t my style. 🙂
  15. Will there be a cross over series between the series(s) you’ve written?
    • All of the series I write happen in different worlds with different parameters, making cross overs nearly impossible.
  16. When will **insert character’s name here’s** baby be born?
    • When their 9 months are up within the series timeline.
  17.  What happened to **insert character name here**?
    • If a certain character isn’t mentioned in a book, that doesn’t mean that they are forgotten. With so many characters in the series, to keep things easy to read, I will only mention them if they appear in a scene to move the story forward.
  18. I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter but I’m getting an error message. Can you sign me up so I don’t miss anything?
    • On May 25th 2018, to comply with the EU’s updated privacy laws and data protection edict, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Alanea deleted her existing newsletter subscriber list as the method used to gather information wasn’t a double opt on process. Since the only information Alanea collects are name and email, she had no way of knowing which of her users resides in the EU, so to ensure compliance everything got deleted. Because of this, she is unable to manually add anyone to her newsletter list. If you are running into error messages, try the following:
      1. Close your browser and clear your cache and cookies.
      2. Do not use any stored bookmarks. Alanea’s sign up page is – http://alaneaalder.com/?page_id=218
      3. If you are attempting from a mobile site, try switching to a desktop.