Coffee Break

“Miss, Miss! Did you hear me I said two and half pumps peppermint”.

My mouth formed the words as he spoke. Luckily my back was turned to him. I knew them by heart. I had heard them at noon everyday for the past six months. I dubbed him Patty, as in Peppermint Patty. He always ordered a Mocha latte with two and half pumps peppermint. How do you get half a pump, I mean really? I turned back around and smiled.

“Yes Sir, coming right up.”

As I waited for the espresso shots I looked up and saw the most gorgeous pair of grey eyes watching me. He looked as though he was trying not to chuckle out loud. I hurried up and finished Patty’s drink and gave it to him.

Between washing the frother and blender I covertly, well covertly in my eyes, kept stealing glances at Mr.Steel. During my last attempt he winked. I glanced around to see if he was looking at anyone else, but per usual I was the only one working the lunch rush. Damn my stingy boss to hell.

He waved me over.

He was wearing a designer polo and a pair of expensive jeans that looked like he paid a lot of money to get that “worked in” look. It was like his attempt of being a Joe Regular, though anyone with eyes could see that this man was born to wear power business suits.

“Yes Sir? Did you need another drink?”

“Yes, I’d like a Mocha latte with three and half pumps toffee.”

My mouth dropped. He began to laugh out loud. It was a good laugh. It was warm and contagious but the good part was it sounded like he laughed often, it wasn’t forced at all.

My brain was processing his sexy as sin laugh he grinned at me.

“I’m just kidding, but I do love the way you call me Sir.”

I blushed and all hope of appearing to be an educated, articulate adult flew out the window.

“Oh dear did I break you?” he asked.

As luck would have it my tongue untied itself.

“You’ll need to do more than tongue action to break me.”

Dear God in heaven did that just really come out of my mouth?

His dark eyebrows shot up his forehead before his eyes took on a hooded look. I was woefully unprepared for the heated look he was shooting my way. Stupid mouth!

“I can guarantee I can do a lot more than tongue action, the question is will you let me show you?”

I was going to hell, yes I was. The path to fiery damnation started at the café door and led out into the world. Because for the life of me I couldn’t get the words “No way, In your Dreams, or You Wish” out of my mouth.

“How about dinner first?” I asked trying to stall so that the ten percent of my brain cells that weren’t melted could bring verbal communication back online.

“We could go to the Mezzanine, the food there is amazing.”

The Mezzanine was an extremely high class hotel and the thought of having dinner with him there killed my libido as if he just confessed to killing kittens for fun. I knew that if we went there I would become one of the faceless women that would grace his bed for the night and be expected to leave before breakfast, and that was so not me.

I stood up straighter and snorted.

“I asked you out so I get to pay for dinner and chose where we go.”

His mouth dropped. Ha! Take that Mr.Fancy Pants!

“I want to go to the Sand Bottom, they have killer oysters and beers, that’s if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you have to shell your own oysters.” I shrugged and kind of looked him over as if he weren’t up to the task.

His back snapped up and his smile became decidedly wolfish.

“See you there at eight”

He walked out and I knew that no matter what happened at dinner it was going to be an amazing night.