Angels and Demons

“Hand it over Angelique. I saw you snag his soul, it doesn’t belong to you,” Damian said holding out his hand.

Angelique pouted, her red lips forming a pretty bow. “It’s just one teeny tiny soul, can’t I keep this one?” She ran a scarlet fingernail up and down his damp, navy blue suit jacket.

“No. This was a good man, he died protecting the woman he loved. His soul will be taken to a place where he will know peace.”

The woman dug into the pocket of her long white coat and pulled out a perfect silver orb. She turned it over in her hand. “But it’s so pretty, it sparkles more than the others.”

“That’s because the souls you usually handle are covered in a fine layer of grim and smut. This one is pure. There aren’t too many men like him out there anymore. It’s a shame he had to die so young.” He plucked the orb from her hand. Her eyes flashed a molten gold color, before she quickly hid her anger.

“Let’s make a bet,” she said as a devilish smile graced her lips.

Damian shook his head. “That seductive smile may work with others, but not with me. You’re thousands of years too young to trick me into giving up this soul.” Though he spoke with a smile, his handsome features had hardened.

Angelique stamped her foot. “You can’t be older than me!”

Damian chuckled and kept walking. Cursing Angelique followed him until they reached a fork in the road, one led upward to a hill, the other downward towards a dark valley.

“Trot back home and tell your master you failed. These group of men belong to me. I was kind to you, I won’t be so kind to the next thief.”

“My master will definitely hear about this. Those souls hold more value than you could possibly know,” she hissed.

He smiled at her. “I know more than anyone, the value of these men’s souls. The group of men you have targeted are mine to protect, they are true warriors.”

“My master will destroy you.” Her eyes were no longer seductive but filled with hate.

“He could not destroy me in Heaven and he cannot destroy me now. You know me as Damian, but I have another name.” He turned his back to her and began walking up the sunlit hill.

“Who are you?” she whispered stepping back defensively.

He stopped and without turning spoke a name that had her racing into the shadows.