My One and Only

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Micah has spent so many centuries hiding who he is that he’s forgotten how to be himself, and despite always being there for others, he finds it impossible to ask for help. As weeks of sleepless nights catch up with him, he faces the fact that he needs his unit brothers no more than ever.

Living in Storm Keep with mixed blood, Serenity fought for everything she has. When she disobeys the dictates of her Elders to help the sick in Noctem Falls she is unprepared for the kindness and support she receives from it’s citizens, including her own witchborne mate.

As both of them are forced to reveal their own long kept secrets to save a city, will they be able to overcome their own deep-seated fears to make their mating last.


Teaser 1: (unedited and under copyright by Alanea Alder ©2018)-

She swirled one of her fries around her plate. “What would I do here Micah? After this virus is cured they won’t have a need for a healer.”

“Maybe they will. We don’t know how long the wolves and kiddos will be here. Plus you could teach healing classes to unit witches, we could always use more healing knowledge amongst the units.”

“Kendrick could do that,” she started then shook her head. “Never mind.”

Micah shuddered. “I respect that man more than any other witch I have met, but I would hate to sit a class with him. His suggestion to Aiden to teach us about childbirth was traumatizing.” He shuddered remembering that awful video.

“Gods! He didn’t!” Serenity exclaimed before dissolving into a fit of giggles.

Micah stared at her flatly. “It’s not funny.” His words only seemed to incense her more.

“I had nightmares.”

She wrapped her arms around her stomach and toppled to one side on the bench. Her laughter was the only indication he had that she was still breathing.

“Then he had Sebastian serve a stuffed turkey for lunch,” he continued.

When he heard a thump he looked under the table grinning. His prestigious mate was on the floor with tears streaming down her face. “Stop, I beg you,” she managed to get out waving a hand at him.

He got up and walked around the table to help her up. She was laughing so hard she was practically limp. He held her up by her armpits as she calmed down.

When he looked around he noticed they were getting some strange looks. They must look ridiculous with the soundproof spell still going. He shrugged and the men just nodded their sympathy.

Finally, after a few minutes she took a few deep breaths wiping her eyes and cheeks with her napkin.

He leaned down and kissed her nose. The pure joy in her eyes filled his heart. “I am going to love you until the end of time,” he promised softly.

Teaser 2: (unedited and under copyright by Alanea Alder ©2018)- Coming Soon