Upcoming Series


Bewitched and Bewildered- Paranormal Romance- M/F- estimated 20 books

Vanguard Series (Bewitched and Bewildered Universe)- Paranormal Romance- M/F- number of books unknown

Kitten Tales- Paranormal Erotic Romance- M/M- estimated 5 books

Forbidden Fairy Tales- Erotic Romance- M/F and M/M- estimated 2 volumes

Kori Winter’s Series- Paranormal Fantasy- M/F- estimated 20 books

Zodiac Matchmaker- Erotic Romance- Mixed Orientation series – estimated 12 books

Theia’s Mates- Erotic Romance- M/F/M/M/M- estimated 4 books

Ghostly Echoes- Paranormal Mystery

Untitled- BDSM- Standalone

Yaoi serial series