Fated to Be Family


Kate Edwards has everything she has ever dreamed of. She is free from her old Alpha and his abusive ways and is mated to an extremely hot and sexy man who is also the Alpha of the Arkadion wolf pack. She has formed a bond with the new Alpha Mother and everyday watching Rebecca keeps her entertained. She couldn’t ask for more.

Bran McGregor has always taken care of his pack. But it wasn’t until Kate came into his life has he really felt like he has begun to live. His pack and town are safe and sex with Kate is off the charts. What more could a man and Alpha ask for?

Caleb Donovan is finally getting back on his feet after the devastating loss of his best friend and mother to his twin sons. He has bought a house and has found a job in the shifter only town of Arkadia and is ready to watch his sons grow within the safety of town’s perimeter. What more could a father ask for?

But Fate has a way of giving you what you didn’t even know you needed. How long will it take three hearts to become one, a town to come together and for their friends to realize that sometimes you can be Fated to Be Family.

Story Excerpt

The next morning Kate walked into the diner with Bran and Caleb. Rebecca, Nicholas and Ashby stopped talking and looked over at her before bursting into giggles. Rian was already there with the boys, feeding Lucas pieces of pancakes. Next to him Damian was doing the same with Landon. They had arrived early that morning to pick up the boys for the day. Kate rolled her eyes. She was willing to bet Rian couldn’t wait to call Damian this morning to gossip about last night.

“Oh God, please tell me you didn’t feel everything!” Kate pleaded.

She had been mortified when Bran had explained what had happened when she passed out.

Rebecca shook her head.

“No, but we felt it when you lost consciousness. I was freaking out thinking you were hurt, so I called Riley. When he told me what happened, I had to call Ashby and Nicholas back because they were blowing up my phone.” Rebecca was still giggling. Kate turned to Rian.

“Thank you for watching the boys so we could run errands. Caleb is giving notice at the bar and then we’re running over to Brighton for art supplies.” Kate grabbed a piece of bacon from Rebecca’s plate.

Rian nodded then smiled as he wiped the syrup off Landon’s chin.

“Wish I could go, but Aleks has me on probation. The only reason I was able to come out today is because I had a doctor’s appointment,” Rebecca said, frowning.

“And how is my itty bitty baby boy? Did you miss your Dada?” Liam said in baby talk. Rubbing her tummy, he leaned down, making kissy noises at her belly.

Rebecca laughed. “You keep saying stuff like that and I won’t feel bad when Aleks kills you.”

Liam shrugged nonchalantly.

“Get your hands off her stomach, cat!” Aleks growled from the doorway.

Dr. Claybourne walked in behind Aleks. Rebecca jumped up and hurried over to give Aleks a kiss. Aleks leaned down and gave her a dry peck on the cheek. Her eyes narrowed.

“Kate got pounded into the mattress so hard she passed out last night.  How about we try for that?” Rebecca said, playing with his shirt buttons.

Aleks frowned. “Kate isn’t pregnant. You are.”

Rebecca stomped her foot before whirling around to face Dr. Claybourne, who sat at the counter waiting for his to-go order.

“Dr. Claybourne can we have sex?” she asked.

Immediately Aleks began to growl as he pushed Rebecca behind him and bared his canines at the doctor. Dr. Claybourne paled and rolled his eyes heavenward. Rebecca began pounding on Aleks’ back with her tiny fists.

“Stop that! He is the only doctor in town. If you piss him off, you’ll be delivering this baby.”

Aleks immediately calmed down. Dr. Claybourne let out a breath before turning to Rebecca.

“Are you trying to get me killed? Last week, in front of him, you said ‘You didn’t hurt me as much this week when you were inside me.’ His claws shifted then. I swear if you hadn’t explained it was the pelvic exam, he would have murdered me,” Dr. Claybourne said, taking a seat at the counter.

Behind them muffled laughter was heard from multiple tables.

“Maddox, I’m so sorry about my son. I’m afraid he will be like this through all seven pregnancies if he is anything like his Pa. Here, breakfast is on the house.” Ma handed him two boxes.

He waved his hands, as if to dismiss her worries.

“It’s all part and parcel of what comes with being a shifter doctor.” He got up to leave.

“Wait! What about my sexcapades!” Rebecca demanded.

The doctor turned to Aleks. “It is safe to have sex with your mate, mattress pounding and all.” He winked at Rebecca. With that, he turned and left.

“See! He said it was okay,” Rebecca said.

Kate watched the entire scene in fascination. Aleks turned red then white then a deep scarlet.

“I have to go back to work!” he said before he too turned and left the diner.

“Oh, dear, he forgot his lunch,” Ma said, chuckling.

“I’ll run it to him. The last thing anyone needs is Aleks grumpy and stressed-ass hungry,” Connor said, sauntering around the counter.

“Connor, language. And thank you for looking out for your grumpy brother,” Ma said, smiling.

“Humph! I’ll get him. Ashby, Nicholas, unfortunately our other coconspirators are babysitting. We’ll catch you up later, guys.” She waved at Damian and Rian.

“Let’s head to the library. I need to wrap up some paperwork, get some books shelved and then it’s time for another cake attack,” she said, hopping up and down.

“I want details! Until I find my own mate, I need to live vicariously through you and Kate,” Rian said, laughing.

“I’ll see what I can do because, right now, I’m not doing anything worthy of vicarious living,” Rebecca said.

“Can we get some of the cake this time? That coconut cake last time smelled divine,” Ashby said, sighing.

For the last cake attack, they had made nearly a half dozen cakes to help Rebecca seduce Aleks. Rebecca nodded.

“Come on, onward to the library and then you can drive me home since Mr. Prickly Bear is at work. He can come find me later. Bye, Ma!” she yelled, grabbing her purse. She, Ashby and Nicholas stood.

“Come over tomorrow Kate and hopefully we’ll be able to swap stories,” Rebecca said, winking.

Kate laughed and smiled at Bran and Caleb, who were giving her worried looks.

“Deal! Save me some of that coconut cake. It sounds good,” Kate said.

“Sure thing!” and the three turned and left. Kate stood and walked over to the counter to stand between Bran and Caleb.