Series Info

First of all, let me thank you for reading my books. It’s a real honor to be able to write and have my stories published so that someone else can read them.

Above all else and before I was a writer, I will always be an AVID reader.

It is not my intention to alienate any reader or disappoint them with how this series is written. I really don’t have much say in it, the characters are telling the stories, and I’m just typing it.

This series will have mixed sexual orientation pairings. If you read only M/F or only M/M I apologize, but it is my hope that you can fall in love with the entire town as I have and enjoy every mating story that the characters share with me.

I welcome any questions and feedback so please don’t hesitate to find me on Facebook.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for reading my books I hope that in some small way they entertain you as much in the reading of them as I received in the writing of them.

Kindred of Arkadia Book One Fate Knows Best

Kindred of Arkadia Book Two Fated to Be Family

Kindred of Arkadia Book Three Fated For Forever

Kindred of Arkadia Book Four Fated Forgiveness

Kindred of Arkadia Book Five Fated Healing

Kindred of Arkadia Book Six Fated Surrender

Kindred of Arkadia Book Seven Gifts of Fate

Kindred of Arkadia Book Eight Fated Redemption