Shifter babies are Aliens


Rebecca’s log Stardate 67505.7

I continue to observe my little darling around the clock. He has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen, of course I could be a little biased. That being said, I have decided to start keeping track of his daily habits. Ma has said that his development is normal for shifter babies but I’m not convinced.

Wednesday- I read and re-read What to Expect The First Year. I decided to use the book as fire starting material. It is absolutely useless. For example. A human 1 month old will be able to turn its head but not be able to  support their head upright. My little BooBear is already pushing himself up and looking around. He freaks Aleks out. Aleks says that the baby’s eyes follow him everywhere as if stalking him. *Insert eye roll here*. BooBear growls all the time now. At first Aleks was strutting around here like a proud Papa, now he’s getting concerned that the baby only seems to growl when Aleks gets close to me. **snicker**

Thursday- We had a play date with baby Lucian. Liam and Aleks were bragging the boys up to each other with Kent interjecting every now and then, which left Sebastian and me playing with the babies. Let me tell you baby toys are boring. I am going to invent more complicated toys for the boys. I swear BooBear just looked at me with the expression that clearly said “This is beneath me!”

Later that morning I almost peed my pants when Liam and Aleks came over, BooBear started growling at Aleks but then a second later was cooing up at Liam. Of course Liam played that up to the hilt. Thank God Liam was holding Lucian at the time. The family room really is too small for them to be rough housing. I think my baby has a wicked sense of humor.

Sunday- Did you know that 1 month old babies aren’t supposed to have senses of humor? I don’t think there is any rhyme or reason to his advancing development. Doc Claybourne assures me that his development is normal and not to come back unless the baby is actually sick. At least Felix was sympathetic he said that BooBear was fine and not to buy too many clothes because he would be growing out of them on a weekly basis.

All in all I have to say that BooBear is progressing well. Though,, I may have to make another appointment with Doc, these diapers are no joke! I’m going to see if I can get Doc to twitch if I drop a dirty diaper on the floor.    🙂

Hello world!


Rebecca’s Log- Stardate- 67488.6

So, Lachlan made the suggestion that I should keep a journal or a blog documenting my experiences since I am the only human living in Arkadia. So while the baby is asleep I am trying out this blog thing. I went with Word Press since it seemed easy enough to use. Though if I get stuck I told David and Daniel they have to help.

I kinda liked picking out my theme! This one is call Anarcho! I love the little a symbol. Aleks is shaking his head saying its the Anarchy sign, but I don’t care. It looks cool! A for Arkadia lol.

So, what’s it like living in a shifter town when I’m human…

Well kinda like when I was living in a human town really. Everyone is really nice to me, except for that asshole Salsiby. I am sooo tempted to. Never mind. Aleks said anything I put on this blog may later be construed as “Pre-meditated”… let’s just say he is not on my warm and fuzzy list!

But really I don’t see that big a difference living with shifters, except for Aleks, he’s so growly and he snores! LOL

I’m so keeping that on here, I mean, who is really going to read my blog? (Aleks is grumbling)

Overall I recommend living in Arkadia. Everyone is nice and they let you shoot people.

My husband better be quiet and let me write my blog or I will shoot him!

Okay I gotta run, the baby is growling at his daddy and Aleks has a funny look on his face.

Buh bai!