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Rebecca’s Log- Stardate- 67488.6

So, Lachlan made the suggestion that I should keep a journal or a blog documenting my experiences since I am the only human living in Arkadia. So while the baby is asleep I am trying out this blog thing. I went with Word Press since it seemed easy enough to use. Though if I get stuck I told David and Daniel they have to help.

I kinda liked picking out my theme! This one is call Anarcho! I love the little a symbol. Aleks is shaking his head saying its the Anarchy sign, but I don’t care. It looks cool! A for Arkadia lol.

So, what’s it like living in a shifter town when I’m human…

Well kinda like when I was living in a human town really. Everyone is really nice to me, except for that asshole Salsiby. I am sooo tempted to. Never mind. Aleks said anything I put on this blog may later be construed as “Pre-meditated”… let’s just say he is not on my warm and fuzzy list!

But really I don’t see that big a difference living with shifters, except for Aleks, he’s so growly and he snores! LOL

I’m so keeping that on here, I mean, who is really going to read my blog? (Aleks is grumbling)

Overall I recommend living in Arkadia. Everyone is nice and they let you shoot people.

My husband better be quiet and let me write my blog or I will shoot him!

Okay I gotta run, the baby is growling at his daddy and Aleks has a funny look on his face.

Buh bai!

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