Baby Days Continued


Rebecca’s log Stardate 67671.9

In college, I had four really close friends. We would hang out, eat, study, and party together. Cassandra was the leader, she made sure we all made it back from parties and we weren’t dancing naked on top of bars. Abby was encouraging us to dance naked on bars. Camille was our fashion guru, she could coordinate everything, and Meg would be the one mixing up our next shots in lab beakers for the highest alcohol content. Staying up for like 48 hours was no biggie. Now? I would have better luck winning the lottery. BooBear seems to have this uncanny ability to know when I am just about to fall asleep that’s when he wakes up and starts making noise. Before he was born I would be shocked at people’s posts on Facebook where they joke about putting whiskey in their kid’s bottle or slip them some infant Benadryl to get them to go to sleep. Me? I’m checking on what would be a normal dose for shifter babies. Doc Clayboure was not amused at my inquires. And if he ever reads this no Felix doesn’t count, you can fuck him into submission, BooBear just stares at me grinning as if to say “What are we doing next Mama?”

I’m still off of caffeine since I am trying to breastfeed, this kid has me on lockdown! But seriously, any shifter parents out there, that “happen” to know how much Benadryl to give to a baby bear shifter, message me on Facebook.


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