Peepers Only

Welcome to the Peeper’s page. This is the place to discover exclusive content being released by Alanea. Each month she is offering content that won’t be shared anywhere else, just to her dedicated Peepers!

Below you have two options, purchase content month by month, or subscribe for the entire year.

If you just need a treat here and there, it’s only $1.50 to get a sneak preview, if you buy month by month it’s $18.00 for the year.

If you know that you are going to want to get your Peeper mittens on new content no matter what, then the yearly subscription will be a cheaper option for you, at $12.00.

What you will be getting.

Each month may contain random snippets, full chapters or short stories for your reading pleasure. You may get unreleased content pertaining to her existing series or maybe even a glimpse into something that is still in the works. As this is exclusive content, material will only have been edited by Alanea herself and Brenna her PA. As a Peeper, you will be getting content hot and fresh from her laptop.

Alanea wanted me to add that this content will not be full novels. It will be very small samples of stories and chapters, so please keep that in mind. She doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed by the length of the Peeper only content. (see Alanea I added the caveat 😛 )

To keep piracy to a minimum so that Alanea can continue to write for us, each file will contain watermarks to identify the buyer and there won’t be any refunds.

We will be uploading new content around the 20th of each month. Starting July 2022, settings will change so that new users will only have access to content posted after their subscription date. So, anyone subscribing before the 20th, please know that you may not receive your first installment until the 20th.

So, if you’re still reading and are ready to click and get started, we have you covered.

June 2022- Chapter One of Inception. Get a sneak peek into the book that has grown as Alanea has been working on it over the years.

July 2022- An introduction to Amira Siofra, Alanea’s DnD character of two years. She wrote a series of short stories to make up the history of her character. In this month peepers will receive the first five short stories, four of which has been released on Facebook, but, moving forward all new short stories will be released here.

If you know you want to be in this committed relationship, then click on the button below.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see unreleased content getting to you and your fellow Peepers.

Happy Reading!